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Baling Wire Solutions

Our aim at Balesafe is to deliver a quality product at the most competitive price, on time and to anywhere in the UK. We provide baling wire solutions in the form of Cut & Looped, Quicklink, Formers, Rewound Coils and Baling Strapping & Tape which can be made to your bespoke requirements.

Balesafe Promise

Our aim is to provide 'one-stop' baling wire solutions to all our customers. Our focus is on:

  • A quality product. All our raw baling wire and strapping materials are sourced from within the EU
  • Price. Wherever possible we will seek to offer the most competitive pricing across our baling wire product range
  • A Bespoke product line. We will tailor our baling wire offering to suit your specific baling requirements
  • The Balesafe aim is to ultimately eliminate waste and reduce total baling costs
  • Service. We deliver on time and in full to anywhere in the UK, within your agreed timeline and to your specification
  • Safety. Through the application of Balesafe products we aim to enhance the safety of all those who work in the baling and management of waste

We provide the following baling wire solutions:

Cut & Looped

Our Cut & Looped baling wire is available in either a galvanised wire or black annealed wire finish. It is recognised as one of the most versatile baling wire products in our line and is used in a variety of applications across a range of industries from packaging to textiles, waste paper, cardboard, plastics and polythene. This product can be manufactured to your bespoke specifications. Read more on our Cut & Looped baling wire...


Balesafe's high tensile Quicklink baling wire ties are available in a galvanised wire or a phosphate wire finish and have been developed for binding bales of highly expanding materials such as foams, textiles, cotton, fibres, rubber. This product can be manufactured to your bespoke specifications. Read more on our Quicklink baling wire ties...


We also support baling wire requirements for automatic baling presses with the supply of Formers in either a black annealed wire or galvanised wire treatment .This product can be tailor made to your tensile strength specification and sizing needs. Read more on our Formers...

Rewound Coils

We also supply black annealed rewound coils, suitable for your automatic baling needs. Our wire is oiled over the full length and not once the coil is complete, this ensures the smooth running of your baling machine. This product is commonly used in the polythene, plastics and cardboard industry where a consistent wire feed is needed. Again, this product is available in a bespoke format. Read more on our Rewound Coils...

Baling Strapping & Tape

Balesafe supplies a full range of steel, polyester, polypropylene and corded strapping from stock, in many sizes and strengths for a wide range of machines and hand tools Our baling strapping is available in 250m lengths and either 9mm, 13mm or 19mm diameter. Baling tape is available in 180m lengths. Read more on our Baling Strapping & Tape...

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1204 778200, or email us with any baling wire enquiries.

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